Party Entertainment Repertoire

Discover our Smart Music party entertainment repertoire dedicated to a wide range of events from cocktail parties to dance parties. The repertoire consists of more than 250 titles. We have made a wide selection of greatest hits, ranging from Pop to Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Electro, and Rock of all periods to meet all your needs. This diversity of style, allows us to easily adapt to every theme. The program: modern songs revisited, classics of all periods, timeless gems. If the title does not ring a bell, you can click on a song to hear the original, you will, most certainly, recognize the melody.

Rythm & B / Blues / Funk / Disco / Rock’N roll:



Pop, Rock, Electro:



  • Siman Tov Mazal Tov (Traditional)
  • Ya Habibi Yalla (Alabina 1993)
  • Hava Naguilla (Traditional)
  • Medley Horots (Traditional)
  • Balbeli Oto (Kobi Peretz 2005)
  • Im Eshkachech (Traditional)